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3 / Septemb er 2011 www.engi HISTORY Telephone BUSINESS P ARTNER Japan BUSINESS Entrepreneur ship BASICS Fire Protection THEMA Kreativi tätstechniken Noch mehr Englisch für Ingenieure gibts in der Zeitschrift engine.
Hier fi nden Sie englische Technik- reportagen sowie Berichte über geschäftliche Ge pfl ogenheiten und kulturelle Be sonderheiten weltweit.
Fachwissen, Geschäftspartner, Sprachübungen – das sind die Themen im Heft, alles maßge- schneidert auf die Berufssituationen des Ingenieurs.
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06151/380-366, Fax 380-99366, English for engineers Linear joint for moving parts Angle joints in accordance with DIN 71802 serve as linking and guide ele- ments for moving parts and create cor- ner joints.
These standard parts are not always suffi cient for the design, particu- larly when the force is to be transmitted linearly.
Specifi cally designed for this application, the axial joint represents a special solution in the fi eld of angle joints in accordance with DIN 71802.
The absorbed forces are converted not at an angle of 90 but instead in the form of a 180° variant – which is linearly.
The pos- sible pivoting angle, comparable with DIN 71802, is plus/minus 18°, the with- drawal forces for the ball stud from the housing range, depending on the size, between 30 and 100 Newton.
The axi- al joints are available in the dimensions M5 to M16 in steel and stainless steel.
To provide the design with extra creative leeway, the specialist mbo Osswald has developed a further non-dis assembling variant.
These axial joints are able to ab- sorb particularly high loads.
There is the additional possibility of developing and implementing application-specifi c spe- cial solutions.
mbo Osswald offers its customers a large assortment of diffe- rent linking elements, a wide selection for a multitude of possible applications.
In addition to steel and stainless steel, linking elements can also be manufac- tured from duplex steel for special ap- plications.
pb pivoting angle Schwenkwinkel withdrawal forces Auszugskräfte Plug and play in warehouse Linde has presentet the concept truck Epion.
The established tested system is already utilised for battery-operated screwdrivers, drills and gardening tools.
If various attachments can be fi tted to one adaptor then, for example, a leaf rake can be transformed into a duo hoe or a broom in next to no time.
Lin- de Material Handling has applied this practical system to warehouse trucks.
A one-off investment in a drive unit with battery and control unit is suffi cient.
The only other outlay would be for further „tools“, but not for another truck.
This guarantees maximum usage and opti- mal deployment of trucks and batteries as well as reducing acquisition costs.
It is possible to operate the truck via re- mote control which improves occupati- onal safety.
The main component of this system is a drive unit with an innovative control interface.
Due to the modular load interface, multiple tools can be fi t- ted to the drive unit, allowing a variety of trucks to be created.
For example, the application of fork arms turn the device into a pallet truck, but exchange these for a monomast with initial lift and you have a multifunctional pallet stacker.
Or create a tow tractor to pull roller con- tainers by attaching a driver stand with tow coupling to the drive unit.
The mast unit of the pallet stacker can also be utilised as a freestanding workstation without using the drive module.
pb broom Kehrbesen pallet stacker Gabelhochhubwagen ? Kennziffer 20