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Compact handling of small parts In future, it will be possible to perform many handling tasks previously reserved for Scara robots more cost-effectively, compactly and easily using the rotary lif- ting module EHMB from Festo.
This ap- plies particularly to fragile small parts.
The rotary lifting module has similar move- ment patterns to a Scara robot for loa- ding and unloading processes.
In a handling system for delicate small parts such as CDs or wafers, the electric handling unit HSW-AE from Festo takes data media from a storage station, rotates them 90 degrees and forwards them to the arm of the rotary lifting module EHMB.
This then sorts the CDs into diffe- rent stacks with rapid rotations and places them there.
Linear and rotary movements have been implemented in a single unit for the fi rst time.
Both axes are indepen- dent of each other and are freely pro- grammable.
The EHMB is characterised by its high dynamics: a rotation of 180 de- grees with a load of around one kilogram can be achieved within just 0,25 seconds.
This reduces positioning times and there- by increases machine output.
pb the rotary lifting module EHMB das Dreh-Hub- Modul EHMB handling system for delicate small parts Handhabungssystem für empfi ndliche Kleinteile www.festo.com System engineering made easy In order to ensure maximum productivity during manufacturing, today‘s complex machine functions must be mapped in the application software.
In contrast to optimization of electrical or mechanical components, which is increasingly limited by physical and economical constraints, the full potential for productivity impro- vements can still be tapped with this ap- proach.
In order to make software accessible to individuals besides specialists, Baumül- ler has launched a powerful tool on the market: The ProMaster Engineering Fra- mework unburdens the programmer du- ring software development and commis- sioning.
This means that the programmer can focus his full attention on the main task – the functional mapping of machine functions.
To meet these requirements, Baumül- ler developed the ProMaster Enginee- ring Framework based on Microsoft.NET Techonology.
The customer benefi ts: A single tool can be used to develop future automation solutions, regardless of the extent to which safety engineering is re- quired.
The result is a signifi cant increase in profi tability and operability.
pb physical and economical constraints physikalische und wirtschaftliche Grenzen signifi cant increase in profi tability deutliche Verbesserung der Wirtschaftlichkeit www.baumueller.de handling September 2010 8 www.handling.de Hello handling! English for engineers