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As lean as lean can be World market leader in weaving tech- nology Michel Van de Wiele, located in Marke in Belgium, is specialised in de- velopment, production and assembly of carpet and velvet weaving looms.
Starting out as a family business in the 19th cen- tury, the company’s production centers are now spread all over western Europe and Asia.
Of course also for this company it is a need to increase the effi ciency of its production in order to meet the ever- changing needs of its diverse clientele.
Therefore a unique picking and storage solution, based on the three important principles effi ciency, profi t potential and minimum overheads had to be created.
Together with Kardex Stow, specialized in individual storage solutions, Van de Wiele has succeeded in creating the ambitious project – a fully automated production plant and warehouse in Marke, where all redundant operations and interventions between supplying of machine parts and assembly-workstations are eliminated.
The complex picking system is combined with a reliable racking construction.
Re- ception, revision, assembly, packing and dispatching are now all taken care of by the plants’ central hosting com- puter.
pb weaving loom Webstuhl No more hazardous situations Ganter, maker of standard machine ele- ments, has enlarged the product range by adding hinges with safety switch.
They are used for hinged and opening protective equipment such as doors or covers on machines, in plants, in auto- mation engineering and in the automo- bile industry.
The hinge is compact and sturdy, making it the ideal choice for many applications.
Classed as protec- tive equipment, the hinges with safety switch can prevent hazardous situations as the contacts change their status from a defi ned opening angle forward.
This switching point can be adjusted within the range plus 4°.
The electrical swit- ching elements are fully integrated in the mechanical hinge and are invisible from outside, allowing the hinges to be classed under IP 67 (plug-type version) and IP 69K (cable version).
Two contact switches offer double safety.
The conce- aled bolt attachment from the back also makes this hinge particularly tamper- proof.
Flat and angled mounting plates are available to mount the hinges, al- lowing them to be mounted from the front or in the clearance between door frame and door.
Oblong holes are designed for mounting to profi le systems.
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