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A very pleasant companion The new CiTi One is an innovative truck to transport goods weighing up to 500 kg easily.
Its name stands for its main fi eld of application: deliveries to compa- nies located in inner cities and delivery zones with public traffi c.
Its silent opera- tion is comfortable for the operator and also pleasant for residents living nearby retail outlets.
The truck facilitates unloa- ding of lorries parked at road sides or in pedestrian areas of the cities as well as on markets and fairs.
And it literally takes goods to higher levels, because it can easily climb over obstacles such as rough pavement, potholes or lowered curb stones.
It is also well suited for all internal transports on bumpy fl oors or to cover longer distances.
The battery pow- ered CiTi One is a very user-friendly truck and moves easily – with load at speeds up to 4,5 km/h and without load at speeds up to six km/h.
A driving licence is not required for this truck.
It can be opera- ted at temperatures between minus 15 to plus 50 degrees Celsius.
It weighs only about 100 kg.
The hub drive in the wheel (0,3 kW) is capsulated and maintenance- free.
With this drive the truck can move up slopes up to eight percent steep.
pb potholes and lowered curb stones Schlaglöcher und Kopfsteinpfl aster to move up slopes up to eight percent steep eine Steigung bis acht Prozent über- winden Holds up its end of the bargain In automated packaging processes, the gripper used must meet high demands for process reliability and speed.
This is especially the case when handling fl exi- ble-form packaging with liquid or pow- dery contents.
Automated handling of fl exible-form product packaging is one of the biggest challenges in handling technology.
On one hand, this is due to the broad spectrum of different designs and materials for bag packaging.
On the other hand, this is also due to the combi- nation of non-rigid packaging and loose contents that must be separated and picked at high speeds.
Schmalz is mee- ting this challenge with a pad solution containing four and a half corrugations and intelligent design details: The new SPB4 suction pad series allows the reli- able handling of formable product pa- ckaging in very dynamic processes of up to 100 cycles per minute.
The series uses food-safe SI silicone and conforms to FDA guidelines.
The adaptable sealing lip of the suction pad with integrated fl ow vanes ensures optimal sealing and secure handling of the bag packaging.
In dyna- mic handling processes, lateral forces are absorbed and slipping of the suction pad is avoided.
pb adaptable sealing lip of the suction pad anpassungsfähige Dichtlippe des Sauggreifers integrated fl ow vanes integrierte Strömungslamellen handling August 2010 8 Hello handling! !54/-/"),%3 From W eb to Road % .
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