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Intelligent power distribution in the IT rack Rittal has presented four compact PDU (power distribution unit) systems for pro- fessional power distribution in IT racks.
These units are available in a passive “PDU basic” version, as well as the intel- ligent “PDU metered”, “PDU switched” and “PDU managed” versions, and they can be deployed worldwide.
This new generation of compact PDU power dis- tribution systems made from anodised extruded aluminium sections is easy to assemble.
With the new “TS IT” rack as- sembly is performed without tools using snap-in technology.
The units possess international C13 and C19 connectors, which are the norm in data centres.
A country-specifi c version is also available for the British market.
Electrical outputs of over 40 kW can be distributed by one rack PDU.
Depending on the model in- volved, the smart, manageable PDU versions enable energy management by phase (feed) or even down to server-level (single energy measurement per output slot).
By using bi-stable relays (with the switchable versions) and an energy-ef- fi cient OLED display with a power save feature, the PDUs have a small internal consumption and thus low operating costs.
pb phase currents Phasenströme Modular design accelerates construction Assemble machines at one’s own plant, then disassemble it and put into opera- tion again at the customer’s location: this is the classic approach of yesterday.
Today, more and more machine manuf- acturers are turning to modular design systems and assemble the machine right at the customer’s site – thereby saving both, time and money.
Rexroth is fueling that trend with decentralized motor-inte- grated servo drives and a wide range of drive- and controller-based motion logic systems.
They allow machine manufac- turers to simultaneously preassemble modules even better than before and as- semble customer-specifi c versions not un- til the fi nal assembly.
The motor-integra- ted servo drives IndraDrive Mi supports all standard real-time Ethernet protocols with a Multi-Ethernet interface.
Machine manufacturers have the fl exibility to ad- apt preassembled series modules to in- dividual machine versions with different communication architectures.
One hybrid cable is all it takes to connect to other modules equipped with an IndraDrive Mi.
The drive-integrated safety functions al- low machine manufacturers to divide the drives involved into any number of safe- ty zones in a standardized manner.
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