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Photovoltaics system at Vanderlande´s site As an environmentally aware and re- sponsible business, Vanderlande Indus- tries has actively collaborated in setting up the Effi ciencyCluster Logistics Ruhr (Effi zienzCluster LogistikRuhr) and has committed to developing and imple- menting environmentally friendly and sustainable concepts and technologies within the Vanderlande group.
Focusing on in-house needs fi rst makes good sen- se.
Consequently, Vanderlande Indus- tries has initiated a number of projects that will also reduce its consumption of scarce resources and therefore help preserve the environment.
One pro- ject, the installation of a photovoltaics system on the roof of the company’s Mönchengladbach site, has already been successfully completed.
The system, which comprises 651 monocrystalline solar modules from Hyundai and nine static converters from SMA, was instal- led on the roof in December 2010.
With a surface area of 1.000 squaremeters of solar modules, the system is capable of delivering a maximum output of 140 kWp.
The actual current output is 124 kWh per annum, which equates to an effi ciency of 80,9 percent.
The system reduces the company’s CO 2 emissions by a substantial 110.000 kilograms per annum.
pb environmentally aware umweltbewusst to reduce consumption of scarce resources Ressourcen schonen Underlining engineering expertise by innovations Hubtex and Genkinger-Hubtex have presented a vehicle range diversity which is unique in the market, for loads from 800 kilograms up to 230 tons.
For both companies, the Cemat trade fair in May 2011 was all about innovations: For example, with a new electric multi- directional sideloader for outdoor use, Hubtex admits to the economical green logistics.
A platform truck and an elec- tric tractor head demonstrated in the heavy-duty area that design and func- tionality are not mutually exclusive, even if loading capacities of 40 or 50 tons are involved.
With a new series in terms of technology and design, Hubtex makes an attractive offer to the customers, in one of the market segments with the highest sales volumes.
This innovation is the result of the cooperation with the inventors of the sideloader, the Ita- lian company Battioni & Pagani, which began a few months ago.
The univer- sal sideloaders of the DQ series, which were launched successfully on the mar- ket almost one year ago, were presen- ted in application examples and further developments.
Genkinger-Hubtex also presented a new series of electric pe- destrian-controlled pallet stacker with modern features and an attractive price.
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