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T-Bridge for High Pressure There is a growing demand for pressure measurement in high pressure applica- tions (fi ve MPa /50 bar).
In most of the applications, the pressure is not measured directly but indirectly via the defl ection of a diaphragm, which is converted ca- pacitive or resistive into electrical signal.
Diaphragm materials are usually steels, ceramics and silicon.
Typical applications include measuring the injection pressu- re in internal combustion motors, brake pressure measurement, pressure measure- ments in hydraulic systems and industrial applications.
First Sensor Technology (FST) has developed a very small piezoresistive sensor element, the socalled T-bridge, that records the mechanical stress on di- aphragm or on cantilever edge in point form.
FST mounts the T-bridge elements customized on steel or ceramic carrier, using an adapted glass soldering process.
The newly developed sensor modules can be further processed by conventio- nal packaging process.
The T-bridge can be produced with robust semiconductor technolo- gies, independent of the di- aphragm or cantilever base bodies.
pb defl ection of a diaphragm Membran- Umlenkung Easy Handling in Cooperation The BioRob arm is a new type of robot arms based on an antagonistic, series elastic actuation concept inspired by the elastic muscle-tendon apparatus.
It boasts an excellent payload to dead weight ra- tio with reaching range and speed, high inherent safety in case of collisions and an energy-saving control, comparable to a human arm.
Conventional robots with payloads of up to fi ve kg and a similar range usually have a dead weight of fi ve or even ten times bigger than the payload.
This is due to the massive construction in order to avoid any inaccuracy of the ro- bot.
Thanks to the lightweight design the BioRob arm has a deadweight between three and fi ve kg, depending on the mo- del.
Due to his lightweight design and the compliant structure the BioRob arm is able to work in the direct surrounding of the human worker.
The BioRob arm can be used for cooperative applications to support the human worker in his daily work.
In this way everybody, the BioRob arm and the human worker, can do what they are best in.
Thanks to relatively low initial costs the BioRob arm has a payback period of about one to two years.
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